Website July 2011 update


In preparation for Lake Gairdner 2011  we undertook a swing arm and body revision to comply more favorably  with the Bonneville and forthcoming Australian rule changes…… Well……. I misinterpreted these and made a lot of work that has delayed the engine development.  The bike was ready for Gairdner but as most of you know Australia experienced one of it’s wettest years with torrential rain and floods that eventually swamped the lake the day we arrived …. So it was back home and prepare for Bonneville…..the BUB meet 27 Aug to 1 Sept  and World of Speed 14 to 17 Sept.

Two engines and gearboxes have been built….. a new untried hi revving  650 and the old conservative 700….  The supercharged engine has been shelved yet again due to lack of development time…The steel super gearbox is now in the bike and on the dyno has proven satisfactory… Building the crate and all the logistical problems of just getting things ready has consumed most of the last few months…. Bonneville here we come…

The heavy duty steel gearbox

Next year

Ready for Gairdner

A wet lake... Tides in!

The long long long long swing arm

Big engines need big ports

The road to the Lake

In the crate for Bonneville