The engine was built as a one off with most parts custom made by myself or to my specifications…. It is currently 700cc with a 93 x 102mm  bore and stroke a 1 ½” GP carb an old BTH  TT magneto 14:1 compression ratio and runs on methanol with a small dash of Nitro… it will happily rev to 7,000rpm….. It is quite easy to alter the engine between 650 and 750 cc but 700 was chosen because I considered it the best compromise between reliability and power.

Horsepower…..enough…. as long as it doesn’t try and escape!!!


The hi lift rockers were whittled from a billet!

The oil pump has a third scavenge stage directly from the timing chest. 

The head studs started life as foot long Allen bolts. 

Pushrods are a massive ½” dia . 

Rocker Box gasket !!!!

The barrel is machined from a solid hi tensile iron billet.

The repositioned valves are Titanium with a 2 inch inlet with Copper Beryllium seats.

The crankshaft has a custom Carillo rod and Venolia piston.  

I think I know where it all goes! 

A Velo engine, an Amal GP, a megaphone exhaust........  what more could you want!!!