2018 Update

Sorry about the lack of info on the Big Velos progress this year, but as usual its been a bit hectic, putting the bike in the box today and looking pretty good.. but no end of dramas in the last couple of weeks.. first run on the dyno gave the best ever power.... and then it all went down hill...magneto loose.... massive oil leaks , rocker box off three times... head and barrel off..... bought shares in Dow Corning !! .... supercharger belts slipping.....new pulleys had to be made..belts wrong length.... belts rubbing on crankcase bell..... blow off valve leaking.... clutch slipping..... exhaust valve clearance nut came loose... ex pushrod jumped out ... ...still no more power than the first run .... consulted with my friend Jay Upton at Sprintex.... made slight changes to the fuel mix and ignition and needle and boost ratio... almost broke the straps holding it on the dyno !!!!.... about double the power we had at Bonneville......
Now all we need is finish packing up and to drive a few thousand kilometers, live in the dust and salt and heat and flies for a week and for there to be no other problems or a crosswind or rain , and the salt to be in good condition and the moon and the stars to be in alignment.. etc etc.....
A heartfelt thanks for everyone's support,
Stuart Hooper

"Just a few hours work here "

 "we are only amateur tank builders"

"even a 2 inch SU can be a bit small" " second pic of pistons...... " which one "