2013  Update

The supercharged engine has finally been fired up and with a little more dyno time and fingers crossed will be off to Lake Gairdner for the hopefully dry  2013 Speed Week here in Australia. The engine is only a softly tuned preliminary unit as there are enough issues getting a single to work well with a blower without complicating life by chasing big hp straight off. Hopefully the  serious engine will be finished in late 2013  .... As a result of what has been learnt so far ,many things will be changed and new components beefed up and cooling improved.

The engine starts remarkably easily and runs like an MSS.  Even its mild state of tune it produces good hp but cylinder head  temperature however  is quite dramatic and at the moment  I am restricting the power to a point hopefully that the engine will survive a few  runs flat out for several  miles in the desert heat !

The steering geometry, handlebars, seating position , body and  aero, have all been improved so I am looking forward to the Big Velo thundering down the salt again.

Great fun casting some new Crankcases
The heavy duty castings
The blower installation
Heavy duty release mechanism
Twin plug head

Keith at aero testing.

 "The Din House"

A  complex device